Robert Burns Stokes III

Photo by Nicole DiPonziano

Robert Burns Stokes III is an abstract impressionist who has been a participating artist in the extreme music community since his teenage years. His paintings, devoid and stripped of subject matter, explore mood with color and texture, aiming to express more by showing less. The stark emptiness of his compositions hides away hints of hope, which begs for a journey to find a light that illuminates darkness. Whether it is found is up to each individual piece, and the subtle story its colors convey.

His illustrations are music-inspired and has created posters, flyers, and album art for metal bands around Philadelphia.He is member of the Dark Arts Collective and a musician in Drones for Queens and Aghori Monk (formerly Dirt Worshipper and Cloud Minder).

Robert lives in South Philly with his clever, beautiful girlfriend Nicole and his cat, Chopper, who is bent on destroying his house. He is an avid traveller and can be caught watching David Attenborough nature documentaries during most of his free time.